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Analogue Solutions: Vostok 2020 Patchable Analog Synthesizer

από Γιώργος Παναγόπουλος
Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020

Analogue Solutions new Vostok 2020 is an analog synthesizer with a pin matrix that is based on the best parts of two predecessors and new features only available in the V2020

The Vostok 2020 is a further development of the well-known Analog Solutions Vostok synthesizer and shares the pin matrix concept with the Colossus. However, the circuits are completely different and the sound has its own character. So no Colossus mini or lite.

Vostok 2020 features 3 oscillators (saw, square, pulse width), each with sub-oscillator, white noise generator and ring modulation. Next, it includes a multi-mode filter, a VCA and an analog spring reverb with 3 real springs to refine the sounds. On the modulation side, you can find two VC LFOs, two envelopes with a repeat feature and a sample & hold generator.

Interestingly, according to the manufacturer, there are two sequencers in Vostok 2020: one for MIDI notes and one CV step sequencer. With the latter, one can modulate parameters like the cutoff of the filter. Like the Colossus mega synth, it also has a pin a matrix and a joystick controller. In the Pin Matrix, both audio and modulation (LFO …) can be flexibly routed.

As a little extra there is also a moving coil signal meter. The main audio & MIDI connections are nicely hidden on one backside of the unit. They include full MIDI I/O and an 6.3 mm audio output.

Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020


  • MIDI note sequencer
  • MIDI to CV converter with velocity CV
  • 3 Oscillators with Saw, Square, Pulse Width.
  • Sub Oscillators.
  • Ring Modulation.
  • 2 VC LFOs with Saw, reverse Saw, Square, Triangle.
  • CV / Gate step sequencer.
  • Moving coil signal meter
  • Joystick controller.
  • 2 Envelope generators each with repeat feature.
  • White noise.
  • Sample and hold.
  • Unity gain mixer.
  • Multi-mode VCF.
  • VCA.
  • Pin matrix!
  • Spring Reverb (3 real springs!)
  • Rear panel jack patch point.
  • Optional rack mount.
  • All analogue voice & modulation circuits

Analogue Solutions Vostok2020 will be available in December for £3200 (GBP) excluding Tax and delivery. The first batch will exclusively available over the AS website.

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