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Audio Technica: AT LP 120X USB

Audio Technica ATLP120XUSB
από: Akis Fatdatas
Audio Technica AT-LP120X περιγραφή: This update of the AT-LP120-USB turntable features a new DC servo direct-drive motor with an impressive 1 kg of torque for quick start-up, along with adjustable dynamic anti-skate control and selectable phono preamplifier with improved frequency response. The fully manual turntable plays 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records and is equipped...

PMC: result6

PMC result6
από: Akis Fatdatas
PMC result6 περιγραφή: The result6 provides an introduction to PMC and the huge benefits of ATL ™ technology, the proprietary bass-loading system at the heart of all our designs. This active two-way reference monitor offers all the attributes for which PMC is world-renowned: high resolution and detail, accurate, extended bass, consistent tonal balance at all...

Analogue Solutions: Impulse Command

analogue solutions impulse command
από: Akis Fatdatas
Impulse Command Synthesizer, New Awesome Synth..! περιγραφή: At the heart of the synthesizer are all-analogue audio and modulation circuits which do not require quantization or CPU processing. The only digital elements you’ll find onboard the Impulse Command are the essentials, like MIDI conversion, sequencer control and digital delay/reverb effects. Another highlight...

Nowsonic: Powerplant

Nowsonic Powerplant
από: Akis Fatdatas
Nowsonic Powerplant Power Conditioner περιγραφή: Nowsonic PowerPlant is a power supply and power conditioner for installation in 19′ racks and cabinets with outlets for 10 peripherals on the front and rear panel. PowerPlant stabilizes the incoming AC voltage in the range from 170 to 260 VAC and provides uncompromised protection against electrical surge and voltage peaks....

Audio Technica: AT LP140XP

Audio Technica AT LP140XP
από: Akis Fatdatas
Audio Technica AT LP140XP Περιγραφή: The AT-LP140XP fully manual professional DJ turntable features a high-torque direct-drive motor and anti-resonant, mass-damped, die-cast aluminum platter to ensure stable, on-axis rotation at 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. It is equipped with an S-shaped tonearm with height adjustment, adjustable tracking force (counterweight) and adjustable...

Drawmer: 1976 & 1974

Drawmer 1976-1974
από: Akis Fatdatas
Drawmer 1976 & 1974 περιγραφή: A little ahead of Musikmesse 2019 (2 – 5 April), British manufacturer Drawmer Electronics has introduced two new products which will be showcased at the fair. They belong to the company’s 1970s series of vintage-inspired FET units. The products in question are the 1974 4-band Stereo Parametric EQ and 1976 Stereo 3-band Saturation...

Elektron: Model:Samples

elektron model:samples
από: Akis Fatdatas
Elektron Model:Samples Rhythm is a Breeze! περιγραφή: Packed with great sounds The sound engine uses high-quality digital samples. There are 300 preset sounds supplied by Splice , ranging from the familiar kicks, snares, and hi-hats to exotic, never-before-heard ones. With a few tweaks, you can easily personalize any sample until it sounds just the way you want it....

Elektron Overbridge NEW UPDATE 2.0.12

Elektron Overbridge
από: Akis Fatdatas
Elektron Overbridge περιγραφή: Elektron tells us that the Overbridge 2.0.12 public beta is now available, adding AU Plugins as part of the latest update. This version also includes a number of significant stability and performance improvements, and some redesigning of GUI components in the plugins. A spokesperson told us, “We are now focused on continuing our work with...
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