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Effect Pedal Modular synthesiser Provides the necessary modules to build effects from the ground up Lets you create custom effects, synthesisers,...
Guitar Effect Chorus / Flanger / Vibrato Slider for Mix, Rate, Depth and Output Effect type selectable via mini-toggle 3...
Analog chorus/flanger bucket chain circuit (BBD) 3 LFO waveforms (ramp, triangle, saw) 3 patch points for connection to modular systems: LFO CV...
  Effect Pedal Multi modulation 12 different modulation effects (vintage and pattern, tremolo, chorus, swell effects, radical formant...
Electric Guitar Effects Pedal controls: speed, depth, detune, vibr/chor switch 1x 6,3mm jack input, 1x 6,3mm jack output powered via 9V battery...
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Chorus effect Analog chorus The legendary Kurt Cobain sound True bypass Rate and depth adjustable Dimensions (WxDxH): 114 x 200 x 110...
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Effect Pedal For Electric Guitar Flanger Regulators for rate, range and colour Filter matrix mode True bypass Power supply also...
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Toneprint compatible Controls: speed, depth, feedback Mix & mini toggle for vintage/ toneprint/ smooth Stereo...
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal 1: 1 Reconstruction of the legendary Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe Toneprint compatable Stereo input and output Compact design...
Effects Pedal Chorus Controls for: Depth, Speed and FX-Level TonePrint "Beaming": Load TonePrint sounds with the free TonePrint app (available for...
Chorus/Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal Recreation of the classic Uni-Vibe chorus/vibrato effect Designed with the help of the original Uni-Vibe...
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar The most popular effects of the Eventide Factor series in one device ModFactor: Liquid Chorus, Organic Chorus,...
Guitar Effect Chorus Mono/ stereo in and out Speed ​​- depth - tone - FX level control USB port for toneprint sound and software...
Chorus Factory Speed, Depth, Control 1, and Control 2 in a separate concentric pot 7-position Chorus Model selector 1/4" mono input Two 1/4"...
Stompbox Studio-quality Eventide sound in a stompbox 10 time-tested modulation effects in mono or stereo MIDI sync, tap tempo, and an input for...


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