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Looper Effects Pedal record loops up to 6 minutes long unlimited dubs 44.1 kHz sampling rate loop storage rates up to 88.2 kHz true /...
526.00 584.00 Κερδίζετε: 58.00
Multi-track Looping Recorder Looper Uncompressed recording 44.1 Khz / 16-bit Adjustable loop speed Reverse recording Playback...
79.00 90.00 Κερδίζετε: 11.00
Looper in mini pedal format 30 Minutes of recording time 32 kHz Sampling rate Unlimited overdubbing Playback without a loss in quality of the...
264.00 293.00 Κερδίζετε: 29.00
Stereo Looper Compact design Extensive functionality Intuitive interface Records high-quality, non-compressed audio data directly onto a...
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Stereo Looper Easy to use Stereo inputs and outputs (also suitable for mono) Loop import and export Backing track and StarJam 5 Minutes...
Microphone Looper Pedal Audio resolution: 24-Bit uncompressed 5 Minutes of loop time Unlimited overdubs Undo/Redo function Automatic...
Looper Pedal Stompbox looper pedal specifically for vocalists Count on clear, powerful sound thanks to the dbx mic preamp with XLR I/O Use either...
104.00 115.00 Κερδίζετε: 11.00
Looper 360 Second loop time 11 Memory locations Uncompressed audio recording 3 LED status indicators 24-Bit A / D / A converter 44.1...
Looper for guitar and bass Ultra-compact looper from the famous JamMan series Stereo looping 2 Jack inputs and outputs 10 Minute recording...
Looper 5 Minutes loop time Unlimited overdubs Undo and redo functions True bypass and analog -dry -through 2 - Button user interface...
Looper Pedal Designed for guitarists by guitarists Five minutes loop time Unlimited overdubs, undo and redo functions Minimalist and...
Selectable delay and looper 16 Selectable delay types 4 TonePrints 40 Second looper Tap Tempo True Bypass 3 Switches for direct...


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