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Kemper Profiler Remote footswitchable remote control for the Kemper Profiler Rack & Head Large backlit display Sturdy metal housing Five...
189.00 210.00 Κερδίζετε: 21.00
Envelope Filter Pedal 80 Hz to 5 kHz frequency response tailored for guitar Optional expression pedal control Fully-analog circuit...
Mono Volume Pedal Adjustable minimum volume 20 dB Boost Separate tuner output
138.00 153.00 Κερδίζετε: 15.00
Foot Switch For Electro Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track Dimensions (W x D x H): 145 x 120 x 64 mm
15.70 19.00 Κερδίζετε: 3.30
Footswitch Nektar NP 1 Footswitch Pedal. The solid, rugged Nektar NP-1 universal footswitch pedal is ready to withstand your worst abuse: kick it, jump on...
23.00 26.00 Κερδίζετε: 3.00
Sustain Pedal Nektar NP 2 universal sustain pedal is ready to withstand your worst abuse, thanks to its solid, rugged design. You can kick it, jump on it,...
36.00 41.00 Κερδίζετε: 5.00
2-Way Footswitch For Spider II, Spider III, Spider IV, Flextone III, Vetta, Vetta II, HD147, Duoverb, PODxt, PODxt Pro, Bass PODxt, Bass PODxt Pro...
MIDI Switch The TECH-21 MIDI Mouse is quickly explained. A small Midi Switcher in pocket format. On the front, there is an up / down button, an Activ...
Original Footswitch 2-Way footswitch for Vox AC30 C2 and Vox AC30 C2 Blue Bulldog Cable length approx. 2 m
Base Board for Behringer V-Amp MIDI Foot Controller with two expression pedals and MIDI merge function 10 banks with 10 presets (editable);...
Pedal Ernie Ball EB6165 stereo volume new edition
Volume Pedal -Mono- Ernie Ball volume pedals have always been considered "Rolls Royce" in their genre. The new EB6166 meets this requirement. Great...
Pedal Ernie Ball EB6167 volume foot pedal stereo
Volume Pedal Ernie Ball volume pedals have always been considered the Rolls Royce in their field. The VP-JR does this claim justice. The high quality...
88.00 100.00 Κερδίζετε: 12.00
Original Footswitch For Vetta, HD147, XT series, Flextone III, Spider IV / III, X3 series, POD II, POD HD, Amplifiers Incl. RJ-45 cable
69.00 77.00 Κερδίζετε: 8.00
Expression Pedal Controls e.g. volume, filter, effects intensity For most Yamaha synthesizers and keyboards Suitable for effect devices...


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