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Acoustic Pickup & Pre-Amp Acoustic, Classical, 12-String and Acoustic Bass Guitars Construction: Copolymer Sensing Pickup Mount: Undersaddle...
Acoustic Pickup System Humbucker pickup and flexible cardioid microphone Microphone/Pickup Microphone-Bass-extension/roll-off switch...
Pickup Active, magnetic soundhole pickup incl. 3D body sensor For western guitars Active/Passive switchover
Pickup Real analog microphone technology TRU MIC noise reduction technology Specially developed compressor / EQ technology Adjustable...
Pickup system For steel string guitars Element pickup incl. preamp 3-Band EQ and volume control
Fishman Blackstack Humbucker magentic soundhole pickup, larry´s garage Series, vintage sound, passiv, adjustable pole-pieces, soundhole diameter 92mm,...
Strap-Around Pickup for Viola For a natural sound with a large dynamic range Easy installation without drilling or modifications to the instrument...
Pickup system for western guitar Model HE4 / G.FEQ acoustics With fixed frequency EQ Active bridge pickup system without control unit Fixed...
Headway The Band Cello - strap-around pickup for cello, for a natural sound spectrum and maximum dynamics, easy instant fitting and transferability, no...
Strap-Around Pickup for Violins For a natural sound with a large dynamic range Easy installation without drilling or modifications to the instrument...
MIDI Pickup Set consisting of a wireless transmission unit (controller) with hexaphonic pickup Wireless USB receiver Installation accessories Quick...
Active Pickup System For steel string guitar Volume control Incl. Endpin preamp
Pickup Anthem internal pickup "Tru-Mic" system Incl. Element Pickup and sound hole preamp
Piezo Transducer Barkus Berry 1460 Acoustic Thinline Piezo Transducer Installed beneath the bridge saddle, this pickup is perfect for all 6-stringed...
128.00 146.00 Κερδίζετε: 18.00
Pickup Barkus Berry 1320 1 violin pick up
138.00 157.00 Κερδίζετε: 19.00
Piezo Bridge Barkus Berry 3100 Designed for violinists who need dependable performance without a permanently installed transducer. This piezo transducer...
56.00 64.00 Κερδίζετε: 8.00
Flute Microphone Barkus Berry 6100 Delivers studio quality sound. Totally moisture-proof, excellent dynamic range and provides a clean reproduction of...
334.00 379.00 Κερδίζετε: 45.00
Microphone + Preamp Barkus Berry 5200 electret contact microphone system has been designed to be attached and removed easily from the bell of a Clarinet...
Coil Pickup Barkus Berry Maplebar The "Best Selling" Maplebar single-coil pickup drops neatly into the soundhole of your favorite acoustic guitar to...
Pickup For sound hole mounting Brilliant acoustic open articulation Little background noise Passive, requires no battery Fast...
Pickup For Sound Hole Humbucker Brilliant acoustic open articulation with little background noise Passive
Violin- and Viola Pickup Attaches inside the violin bridge Includes a mini jack which mounts to the tailpiece Incl. mini jack cable for...
Violin Pickup Attaches inside the violin bridge Output jack mounts on the side of the instrument with chinrest-style hardware
Violin Pickup The piezo element is integrated into the Despiau violin bridge and enables a very precise acoustic sound transmission Set...
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