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Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Contains all 45 algorithms and over 500 presets of time factor, modfactor, pitchfactor and space as well as all...
Vocal Harmony & Effect Pedal Complete signal chain: Tone, Harmony, HardTune, Reverb, Double and more 3.5 mm Stereo jack input for external devices...
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Pitch shifter Polyphonic drop algorithm of the Whammy DT Down vote by a semitone to 1 octave + octave / Dry mode...
Mono/Stereo Pitch/Delay Effect Diatonic PitchFlex Quadravox Octaver HarModulator Chrystals MicroPitch HarPeggiator H910 / H949...
Whammy Guitar Pedal Bring the Whammy to your pedal board True bypass switching preserves your tone at all times MIDI compatibility for ease of...
GuitarPitch-Shift Effect Pedal Alternate tunings are right under your toes Step down or step up 7 half steps or an entire octave You get all the...
Guitar Harmony Pedal Up to 2-part guitar harmony plus the lead guitar part using musIQ™ technology Independent selectable guitar voicings; 3rd, 5th...
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Effects pedal Polyphonic octave generator 8 Programmable presets with instant recall 5 Mixable polyphonic octave harmonics Attack Delay...
204.00 227.00 Κερδίζετε: 23.00
Polyphonic Octave Effects Control for Octave, Sub Octave, Octave Up Turns a 6-string guitar into a 12-string Turns a 4-string bass into an...
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Octave Pedal The EH Octave Multiplexer provides that rich sound that arises when the signal is mixed one octave lower. By means of two "smoothing...


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